November 2019 TBR

November?! How are we already in November?!

I always find that November is a weird month for me. I feel like the time to read horror has passed and I’m just itching to read holiday books.

So this TBR is a bit random, but here are the books I want to read in November:

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October 2019 TBR

I grew up not participating in Halloween very often. Although one memorable Halloween I dressed up as Sailor Moon and that will remain my most iconic costume yet.

And now I love Halloween! I think I know what I’m going as this year, but there’s still time for me to change things last minute and have a freak out about it the night before.

As for my TBR, it’s not that spooky. But here are the books I want to read in October:

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September 2019 TBR

Summer has come and gone. And I know that because Starbucks officially brought PSLs back and that means fall is officially here!

It’s time to bring out my cozy sweaters from storage and to cuddle up with some good books and a cup of tea as the colder weather comes.

Here’s my September TBR:

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June 2019 TBR

Hi, internet bookworms!

If you saw my May TBR, you know that it was very ambitious. I scared myself with how high I set expectations. In response to that, my June TBR is definitely pared down.

I did love my experience doing the Asian Readathon last month, so I’m thinking about attempting a 24 hour readathon! If you’ve participated in one before, please let me know about your experience and if you have any tips and tricks for it!

Now onto my June TBR!

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May 2019 TBR

My May 2019 TBR is going to look a little bit different than the rest of my TBRs. May is Asian Heritage Month. And some wonderful people are holding an Asian Readathon, which I’m going to participate in. My first readathon!

If you’re interested in joining the readathon, check out their Twitter for more information. The wonderful people running it have also created a very helpful document if you’re stuck on what books to read for what challenge.

Now onto my May TBR!

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April 2019 TBR

April 2019 TBR

Since I have so many books that I want to read and so many books that I own and haven’t read yet, I decided to create a monthly TBR for myself. I have to keep myself accountable because nobody else will!

I don’t always stick to the TBR I’ve set for myself, but I do try to make an effort to read some of the books.

On my TBR for April are:

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