About ME!

Hi! (Did you spot the Taylor Swift reference in the title? Hehe I’m a huge Swiftie!)

My name is YY and I’m a bibliophile. I love to spend my free time reading books, reading book reviews, watching book reviews, and watching book hauls. So… yeah. A lot of my life revolves around books.

I pride myself in having a very diverse — albeit very big — TBR shelf. I’m dying to read anything from memoirs to YA to science fiction to romance. You should always read whatever you want to, but it never hurts to explore outside your comfort zone!

When I’m not doing anything book related, I’m writing. I have a 9-to-5 job working at a startup as a content editor. I even started a book club at work called Rita Book. Get it?!

I also love to attend workout classes around the city, catch up on entertainment news, and watch The Bachelor. And no, it’s not a guilty pleasure. I fully embrace my obsession with that hot mess of a show.

If you love reading reviews that are enthusiastic, passionate, and sometimes a bit too blunt, well, you’re in the right spot.

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