Wrap Up

2019 Wrap Up

Happy New Year’s Eve! To celebrate the occasion – and to have something to do before the countdown – I thought I’d write about my year in reading.

For the first time this year, I tracked my reading through multiple platforms.

I did it through this blog, my bookstagram, my bullet journal, and my reading sheet. I liked that each platform let me be creative in a slightly different way: I got to write out all my thoughts on books on this blog, I got to be a creative director on Instagram, I got to relax and draw (albeit very badly) in my bullet journal, and I got to see my progress and stats on the Google spreadsheet.

As for my reading goals, let’s take a look at what I accomplished and what I didn’t:

  1. Read five classics ❌ → Major fail! I only read three classics.
  2. Read one play ✅ → I read Much Ado About Nothing.
  3. Rad one non-fiction book a month ✅ → I read 22 non-fiction books.
  4. Read 50 percent of books by women and POC ✅ → 78.4 percent of the books I read were by women.
  5. Read 100 books ✅ → I read 118 books.

Here are my favourite books that I read in 2019:

What did you read in 2019 that you loved? Let me know in a comment!

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