Book Sleeves are My New Obsession

As a bookworm, I bring a book everywhere I go.

This might seem excessive to most people, but I suffer from anxiety. I’m often early to meet friends so I like to bring a book along to distract me from being anxious. But it also makes me look like I’m busy and not like I’m 20 minutes early.

I also love bringing a book to work so I can read during my breaks. My eyes need to rest from being glued to my computer screen for the whole work day.



But I never knew about book sleeves until I received two for my birthday! I don’t even know how I can go back to life without using them. They protect my bigger paperbacks and my smaller hardcovers.

Since using them, I haven’t had torn pages, bent pages, or ripped covers. It’s truly marvellous and I can’t stop telling people about them. If you use book sleeves, where do you get them from?

Leave a comment below if you use book sleeves and tell or show me the design!

1 thought on “Book Sleeves are My New Obsession”

  1. Ah, I’m totally with you – I love using book sleeves! I first saw my brother using one and shortly after he gave me a book sleeve as a present (camel colour), and the I also bought a flowery one. They’re useful in terms of protecting the book and also protecting the reader from intrusive looks 🙂

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