To DNF Or Not To DNF?

To DNF or Not to DNF?

I love reading book blogs, but I also love watching book reviews, hauls, and wrap ups on YouTube. A common theme I’ve noticed with the booktubers that I watch is that they don’t have a problem DNFing something.

If you’re not aware, DNF stands for “Did Not Finish.” It just means that you decided not to keep reading the book for whatever reason.

It seems like a simple enough concept. But here’s my confession: I’ve never DNF’ed a book before. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to do it! Even if I hate the characters or I’m bored by the plot, I’ll still power through.

The thing is, I can’t give you a reason as to why I do it. Part of me is afraid that I put in all that time to read with nothing to show for it. But at the same time, am I wasting more of my time by putting in effort into a book that I dislike?

Let me know if you DNF books. I can’t decide. Help a girl decide!

2 thoughts on “To DNF or Not to DNF?”

  1. I rarely DNF because I dislike a book, I need that closure that comes with finishing a story (no matter how bad). On occasion I’ll DNF a book because it isn’t the right time for me to read it. Last year I was really getting in to American Gods, but life was suddenly a bit overwhelming so I put it down with the intent to revisit when I could really take my time and enjoy it. Great post!


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