April 2020 TBR

What a year it’s been already, eh?

I hope everyone is still keeping safe and well during these times. And for introverts, I hope you’ve been taking this time to get some extra reading in. I know I have been!

I’m still at my parents’ place until all this blows over, so I’ve been reading exclusively ebooks for now. It’s been tough not reading physical books, both from the library or from my own collection.

I’ve kept my TBR fairly simple this month because you never know what will happen.

Here’s what I hope to read in April:

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Wrap Up

March 2020 Wrap Up

I want to acknowledge that we’re all going through a tough time right now. I hope everyone is staying safe and well. Please take care of yourselves.

It was a fun start to the month for me. I celebrated my birthday while on my first solo trip. I got to explore Washington, DC for five days and I would love to go back again.

But it was also a really tough month for me on top of what’s going on right now in the world. So I didn’t get to read as much.

But here’s a quick wrap up of the books I read in March:

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5 Bubble Teas, Mystery, Peter Swanson, Review, Thriller, William Morrow

Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson


Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson

Published by William Morrow on March 3rd, 2020

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Pages: 270


Rating: 0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b

“Books are time travel. True readers all know this. But books don’t just take you back to the time in which they were written; they can take you back to different versions of yourself.”

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5 Bubble Teas, ARC, Graphic Novel, Kim Hyun Sook, Ko Hyung-Ju, Memoir, Review, Ryan Estrada

Advance Review: Banned Book Club by Kim Hyun Sook, Ryan Estrada, and Ko Hyung-Ju


Banned Book Club by Kim Hyun Sook, Ryan Estrada, and Ko Hyung-Ju

Published by Iron Circus Comics on May 1st, 2020

Genres: Graphic Novel, Memoir

Pages: 204


Rating: 0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b

“That’s why we protest. That’s why we have events like this. That’s why we read books we’re not supposed to.”

*ARC received by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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4.5 Bubble Teas, ARC, Essays, Humour, Memoir, Non-Fiction, Review, Samantha Irby, Vintage

Advance Review: Wow, No Thank You. by Samantha Irby


Wow, No Thank You. by Samantha Irby

Published by Vintage on March 31, 2020

Genres: Essays, Humour, Memoir, Non-Fiction

Pages: 336


Rating: 0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b 0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b

Loving yourself is a full-time job with shitty benefits. I’m calling in sick.”

*ARC received by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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3.5 Bubble Teas, Amanda Lovelace, Andrews McMeel Publishing, ARC, Feminism, Poetry, Review

Advance Review: Break Your Glass Slippers by Amanda Lovelace


Break Your Glass Slippers by Amanda Lovelace

Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing on March 17th, 2020

Genres: Feminism, Poetry

Pages: 160


Rating: 0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b 0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b

“when you spend
all your time
imagining yourself
in other people’s shoes,

your own story
goes unwritten,

& there is nothing
more painful
than that.”

*ARC received by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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5 Bubble Teas, Crime, Little, Brown and Company, Non-Fiction, Review, Ronan Farrow

Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators by Ronan Farrow


Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators by Ronan Farrow

Published by Little, Brown and Company on October 15th, 2019

Genres: Crime, Non-Fiction

Pages: 448


Rating: 0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b0ac4e714f53d9781e649ddaa06048d9b

“In the end, the courage of women can’t be stamped out. And stories – the big ones, the true ones – can be caught but never killed.”

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March 2020 TBR

Welcome to a new month! I hope everyone had a fun Leap Day last month. I spent the day making sure that I watched the hilarious Leap Year episode from 30 Rock. Honestly, I’ll always make an excuse to watch that show.

March is an exciting time because it’s my birthday month and I booked a trip for myself as my birthday present. So, yes. I’ll be spending my birthday in a city I’ve never been before. If I like it, I might have to make this a tradition.

So even though it’s a busy month, here are the books I’m hoping to read in March:

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Wrap Up

February 2020 Wrap Up

I finally bounced back from my January reading slump! I’m pretty proud of myself.

Here are the highlights from February:

  • I celebrated Galentine’s Day with one of my best friends from university. We’re going on 10 years of knowing each other
  • My parents came to visit me
  • I finally learned how to curl my hair with a straightener. No, really. This is a pretty big deal for me because I never knew how to do it before AND I did it on my short hair
  • I experienced Flotation Therapy for the first time. Back in December, my friend and I got a really good deal for two people so we decided to take the plunge and do it! It was so relaxing and I think it’s the perfect thing for my anxiety. I want to do it again soon!

Now here’s what I read in February:

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